Small Fragment Instrument Set


1Neutral and Load Drill Guide Φ2.5
2Drill & Tap Guider (Φ2.5/Φ3.5)
3Drill & Tap Guider (Φ3.2/Φ4.0)
4Drill Bit (Φ2.5*115mm)
5Drill Bit (Φ2.5*115mm)
6Drill Bit (Φ3.2*115mm)
7Drill Bit (Φ3.2*115mm)
8Periosteal Elevator 6mm
9Tap Cancellous 4.0mm
10Hollow Reamer Φ6.0
12Extraction Screw Hexagonal 2.5mm Conical
Periosteal Elevator 12mm
13Depth Gauge (0-60mm)
14Tap Cortex 3.5mm
15Screwdriver Hexagonal 2.5mm Conical
16Self-centering Bone Holding Forcep (190mm)
17Sharp Reduction Forcep (190mm)
18Obilique Reduction Forcep (170mm)
19Bending Iron
20Aluminium Box


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