Rib Reconstruction Locking Plate


1Locking Sleeve
2Locking Sleeve
5Limited Drill Bit 2.2*8mm
6Limited Drill Bit 2.2*10mm
7Limited Drill Bit 2.2*12mm
8Limited Drill Bit 2.2*14mm
9Limited Drill Bit 2.2*16mm
10Limited Drill Bit 2.2*18mm
11Limited Drill Bit 2.2*20mm
12Depth Gague
13Straight Handle
14Straight Handle
15Plate Holding Forcep
16Plate Holding Forcep
17Reduction Forcep
18Reduction Forcep
19Plate Bender
20Plate Bender L
21Plate Bender R
22Drill Guider
23Aluminium Box


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