Pelvic Reconstruction Plate Instrument Set


Straight Ball Spike 300mm
Universal Hex Screwdriver SW2.5
Straight Ball Spike 300mm
Hex Screwdriver SW2.5
Drill Guider Ø2.5
Flexible Drill Bit Ø2.5
Tap Ø3.5
Drill Bit Ø3.0
Tap Ø4.0
Drill Bit Ø2.5
Drill Bit Ø2.5
Drill/Tap Guider Ø2.5/3.5
Drill/Tap Guider Ø3.0/4.0
Screw Holder Forcep
Depth Gague 0-60mm
Bending Iron Left/Right
Bone Holding Forcep 200mm
Reduction Forcep Straight
Reduction Forcep Curved 250mm
Bone Holding Forcep 250mm
Pelvic Mould Plate
Reconstruction Mould Plate
Reduction Forcep Curved 280mm
Pelvic Reconstruction Forcep Large 330mm
Pelvic Reduction Forcep with 2 Ball-tipped 400mm
Pelvic Reduction Forcep with 2 High-low Ball-tipped 400mm
Pelvic Reduction Forcep with 3 Ball-tipped 400mm
Plate Bender
Bone Hook
T-handle Bone Hook
Aluminium Box


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