Foot & Ankle Locking Plate Instrument Set


1Bone Retractor
2Bone Retractor
3Skin Retractor
4Skin Retractor
5Eletavor 5mm
6Periosteal Elevator 8mm
7Eletavor 8mm
8Dissector 5mm
9Eletavor 13mm
10Dissector 3mm
11Star Screwdriver T3.4
12Star Screwdriver T3.4
13Star Screwdriver T2.3
14Star Screwdriver T2.3
15Pin Guider
16Pin Guider
17Locking Sleeve 2.2
18Locking Sleeve 2.2
19Locking Sleeve 2.9
20Locking Sleeve 2.9
240.8N.m Torque Wrench
25Threaded K-wire 1.5*150
26K-wire 1.5*2502
27AO Drill Bit 2.9*150
28AO Drill Bit 2.9*150
29AO Drill Bit 2.5*150
30AO Drill Bit 2.5*150
31AO Drill Bit 2.2*150
32AO Drill Bit 2.2*150
33AO Drill Bit 2.0*150
34AO Drill Bit 2.0*150
35Locking Tap HC3.5
36Tap HA3.5
37Locking Tap HC2.9
38Tap HA2.7
39Depth Gaugue 0-60
40Depth Gaugue 0-30
41Drill Guider 2.0/2.7
42Drill Guider 2.5/3.5
43Screw-holding Forcep
44Plate Bender
45Plate Cutter
461.5N.m Torque Wrench
47Knee Spreader
48K-wire Open Device
49Pointed-tip Reduction Forceps
50Straight Handle
51Straight Handle
52Screw Rack
53Aluminium Box


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