Broken Screw Removal Instrument Set


Hollow Reamer Φ4

Hollow Reamer Φ4

Hollow Reamer Φ5
Hollow Reamer Φ6.5
Hollow Reamer Φ8
Hollow Reamer Φ10
Spinal Monoaxial Pedicle Screwdriver
Hollow Reamer Φ3.0
Hollow Reamer Φ2.7
Extraction Bolt Φ6.5
Extraction Bolt Φ6.0
Extraction Bolt Φ4.5
Extraction Bolt Φ3.5
Extraction Screw Hexagonal 4.0mm Conical
Extraction Screw Hexagonal 3.5mm Conical
Extraction Screw Hexagonal 2.5mm Conical
Extraction Screw Hexagonal 2.5*0.5mm Conical
Slotted Screwdriver Small
Slotted Screwdriver Large
Phillips Screwdriver
Square Screwdriver SW1.5
Square Screwdriver SW1.2
Square Screwdriver SW1.1
Star Screwdriver T5.5
Star Screwdriver T5.0
Star Screwdriver T4.4
Star Screwdriver T3.8
Star Screwdriver T3.3
Star Screwdriver T2.7
Star Screwdriver T2.2
Hexagonal Screwdriver SW5.5
Hexagonal Screwdriver SW5.0
Hexagonal Screwdriver SW4.5
Hexagonal Screwdriver SW4.0
Hexagonal Screwdriver SW3.5
Hexagonal Screwdriver SW3.0
Hexagonal Screwdriver SW2.5
Hexagonal Screwdriver SW2.0
Hexagonal Screwdriver SW1.5
Pliers for Screw Removal
T-shaped Handle Quick Coupling
Round Gouge 8mm
Straight Handle Quick Coupling
Screw Extractor Φ4.5
High Speed Drill Bit Φ8*36*75mm
High Speed Drill Bit Φ6*36*75mm
High Speed Drill Bit Φ4*36*75mm
Sharp Hook
Tip Screwdriver
Screw Extractor Φ3.5
Aluminium Box


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