4.0/5.0 Paediatrics Osteotomy Locking Plate Instrument Set


1Threaded Guide Pin Ø2.0*150
2Assistance Device for Locating
3Aiming Module Ø4.0
4Aiming Module Ø5.0
5Guide Pin Ø2.8*200
6Osteotomy Locator
7Reduction Forcep with Curved Head
8LCP Guider Sleeve Ø3.2
9LCP Guider Sleeve Ø34.3
10Reduction Sleeve Ø2.8
11Hex Screwdriver SW2.5
12Hex Screwdriver SW3.5
13Hex Screwdriver Bits SW2.5
14Hex Screwdriver Bits SW3.5
15Quick Coupling Handle
16Torque Handle 1.5N.m
17Torque Handle 4.0N.m
18Drill Bit Ø3.0
19Drill Bit Ø3.2
20Drill Bit Ø3.5
21Drill Bit Ø4.3
22Depth Gague Ø4.0
23Depth Gague Ø5.0
24Self-centering Bone Hold Forcep
25Guider Ø3.0/4.0
26Guider Ø3.5/5.0
27Tap HA4.0
28Tap HA5.0
29Angle Finder 100°/60°/20°
30Angle Finder 90°/50°/40°
31Angle Finder 80°/70°/30°
32Internal Displacement Locator
33Aluminium Box


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